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iDirect Law is a leading facilitator of retirement accounts, providing the tools for individuals to take complete control of their IRA and 401(k) funds. Unlike a typical bank or brokerage firm, we give you a True Self-Directed retirement account. Total Control IRA.

When talking of your IRA, the term "self-directed" can be misleading. Many investment firms would have you believe it simply means choosing which mutual funds to invest in. Fortunately, with idirect Law it means much more. We can structure a strategy for you which is truly "self-directed" and will open up new and almost limitless investment opportunities.

With a properly structured IRA you have the freedom to invest in assets such as real estate, financial paper, even the stock market; only life insurance and collectables are off limits. iDirect's true self-directed strategy offers you more opportunity by allowing you to choose the investments you want, and allows you to take full control of your future.

With iDirect's true self-directed IRA you have 100% control and checkbook access to your assets. What this means is; if you want a particular investment such as real estate, you simply write a check from your retirement checking account; it is that simple.

Why not take control of your retirement funds? With the help of iDirect you can do just that. To see how, contact one of our representatives, they are standing by.

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