Self Directed IRA LLC

A Checkbook Self Directed IRA LLC is the name for a tax structure where an IRA or 401k invests in a newly formed LLC which can then in turn invest in real estate, tax liens and other alternative investments.

In most cases, the LLC is owned 100% by the self-directed IRA, and the IRA owner serves as manger. There are many benefits to using this vehicle for your self-directed investments. These benefits can include:

Checkbook control – the IRA LLC allows you to make timely investments into assets like tax liens and foreclosures that otherwise would be nearly impossible directly through a custodian

Limited Custodial Fees – regardless of how much money you have, or the amount of investments you make, an IRA LLC should not have to pay any transactional, asset or holding fees.

True Diversification – purchase traditional investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds in addition to real estate, tax liens, franchise or small businesses through the IRA LLC.

Multiple Investors – when structured appropriately, an IRA LLC can provide you with additional buying power and investment opportunities by combining investment capital from many sources.

There is no participation in the investments by a self-directed IRA custodian, meaning a custodian does not have to process paperwork, complete transactions, notarize documents and the IRA holder doesn't pay transaction based or holding fees.

Here is an example of how the IRA LLC is set up:

ira llc

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